Good morning, Friend!

Seeing as this is our first cup of coffee together, we should get to know each other!

Number one thing you should now about me is that like it or not I live from one cup of coffee to another.  I really need an IV drip of it. I used to blame my need for coffee on my kids, but now that they sleep through the night (for the most part) I can only say that I typically burn the candle at both ends.  (Make no mistake…I love my life!)

Ever since I found this on Pinterest, it has become my morning mantra. Well let’s be realistic…it is my mantra all day long! All-I-need-today-is-a-little-bit-of-coffee-and-a-whole-lot-of-Jesus


My passion is to encourage women in their walk with the LORD.  My main ministry outside of my home is the Mosaic of Moms blog for which I am the founder, writer, editor, and co-admin with my dear friend, Gretchen Speer of Magnificent Mayhem.

My loves are my sweet husband Michael, my strong-willed daughter, and my silly little boy.   I would love to share an idyllic family photo, but this one is more realistic of us.   This was our Christmas card last year.christmas2012


My dream vacation is a cabin in the woods.   My favorite show is the Voice even though I don’t really enjoy music.  My favorite candy is Dove Milk Chocolate.  And I LOVE caramel!

What is my favorite coffee?  Caramel latte with salted caramel swirl.

Enough about me, Friend.  What about you?  Introduce yourself.  Be sure to include what your favorite coffee is (or tea…I will still love you if you don’t like coffee…I will just strongly question your sanity).

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24 comments on “So Glad You Came!

  1. Laecen S.

    Hi Jen! My name is Laecen. I live in Lima, OH. I got started reading Mosaic of Moms because Gretchen was my beat friend in high school and then followed her Magnificent Mayhem blog. I have a French Vanilla Cappacino or Starbucks House blend k-cup with my morning devotions. Excited you started a hobby blog! Love you ladies at MOMs.

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Yay! I am excited about this adventure too! I hope I don’t get anybody’s hopes up. By hobby blog I don’t mean crafting. I am NOT the crafter…that’s Gretchen’s specialty! Blogging is my hobby so why not have one where I have freedom to post whatever I want and on my own schedule? Hope to feature some family adventures among other things. Thanks for joining me on this journey, Laecen!

  2. amy farnsworth

    Love your intro! Glad to follow your blog 🙂

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Thanks, Amy! You are great! What about your cup of joe? What is your poison?

  3. Rachel J.

    Okay, I think I can get by not drinking coffee since I am a childhood friend and my mom was your second grade teacher! 😉 It’s true…I’ve never acquired the coffee taste and/or addiction that many folks talk about (my mom being one of those people). Looking forward to having water or unsweetened tea with you and sharing in your enlightening posts. XO

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Don’t know how enlightening I will be. We will let you pass on the coffee. I love you anyway!

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      I knew you would love it! At the moment I am drinking English Toffee Coffee with cream and Candace’s homemade salted caramel. I feel a post coming on! (Totally stealing her recipe!)

  4. Melanie

    I didn’t get into coffee until maybe 3 years ago, and I’m still not really “into” it like many people are, because a cup of Folgers instant every morning used to do just fine, while I read a morning devotion.

    I say “used to” because I moved to India 2 months ago and there’s no Folgers to be found. There is other instant coffee available (or what they say is coffee) so I picked up an inexpensive brand called “BRU” that tastes absolutely terrible. A friend recommended Nescafe Gold, and it is slightly better.

    One good result of it is, no more caffeine addiction for me!

    It is possible to get good coffee, if you purchase a coffee maker and beans. Not sure if I want to commit.

    Have a good one!

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      That’s a great story! I love it! I am so glad you stopped by…all the way from India!

  5. Sarah

    Not a coffee drinker (love hot chocolate)…but, my mom loved her coffee so the smell of it brings back warm, fuzzy memories!

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Sarah, Funny thing is that my mom drank coffee all through my childhood and I swore I would never drink it. We all become our mothers. Do you have a website now for your H.O.G.S.?

  6. Carla Kinney

    Hi Jennifer, my sweet husband makes coffee every morning before I get up and around so I am dependant on his special blend of Community coffee with pumpkin spice or chocolate mocha stirred in.
    I’m enjoying your blog and appreciate you referral to our precious Lord in your life.

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Love you, Carla. That is so sweet. Pumpkin Spiced Latte is a favorite of mine too!

  7. diningwithdebbie

    So excited about this new venture for you. Please be sure to go join and link it to ARWB:) thanks for sharing— love the family portrait:)

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Thank you for stopping by, Debbie! I already signed up!

  8. Karen W

    Hi! I hate coffee – please don’t ban me, haha! Something about the smell of it just sets me off. But I do love a big ole glass of sweet ice tea any time of day. And caramel? Well, we’ve found a connection.
    Look forward to getting to know you more.

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      I guess we can overlook that. 😉 Thanks for stopping by.

  9. headygolf

    Hi! This is Gretchen’s Aunt Deb – so excited for your new adventure! I’m not much of a coffee lady – just a cup or two in the morning does me.

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Yay, Aunt Deb! So happy you joined me! You are such an encourager of mosaic of Moms. I need all the encouragement I can get over here.

  10. Lindsey

    Hi Jen, this is Lindsey I am Gretchen’s cousin. I am excited about your new blog. I really enjoy MOM’s and magnificent mayhem. I am not a coffee drinker but Love Hot chocolate and Carmel apple cider.

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      So happy you came to check out my blog! Thank you for your support!

  11. Mel Lockcuff (@MamaBuzz)

    Hello, my name is Mel, and I don’t like coffee (ducking now). lol Seriously, I’ve never been able to get past the taste; just thinking about it…. I WISH I liked coffee.:) Oh, and absolutely loving that family photo. You guys need to come to our next meetup; have missed you there!

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Life is so busy! I need to make the effort though. Thanks for dropping by.

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