Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Purpose

One of the things I missed most during my 18 month hiatus from blogging is the practice of Five Minute Fridays…and the community there!

I have met some of my best online friends there.

Kate provides the clan with a one word prompt, and we all set our timers to write for five minutes flat.  It is a challenging assignment, especially for those who are grammatically cranky or the poor spellers like me.

I am very out of practice so please bare with me.  This won’t be a Pulitzer Prize Piece, but I need to practice my craft…

The word this week is PURPOSE


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Five Minute Friday: Close

I love the challenge of Five Minute Friday. Lately, I haven’t had time to participate, but I carved out some time this afternoon, because I have missed it. If you are interested in joining in, head over to Lisa-Jo Baker’s website and check out the details. In a nutshell it is hundreds of bloggers, one-word prompt, five minutes of unbridled writing.

This week the topic is “close”.  Ready…set…go!

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Five Minute Friday: Writer

Sometimes I spend hours on one post.  Perfection is a must.  Sometimes I just want to write and embrace imperfection.  I love Five Minute Fridays.  The challenge is to focus on a one word prompt and to limit myself to only five minutes with no major editing.

This week the prompt is writer. 

Set the timer…ready…set…GO!

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