The one word prompt this week: Change

Five minutes on the clock…ready…set…Go.

“Time is the measurement of change.” That was the definition that Dr. Manor stated during my Survey of the Old Testament class seventeen years ago this Fall. We were discussing Moses and YWHW.


The I Was…I Am…I Will Be. The one who NEVER changes. He is timeless.

In those past seventeen years since that class, I have changed a lot.

I have changed majors, jobs, cars, homes, focus. I got married. Had kids.

I have changed diapers and puke soaked sheets.

Each change is a refining process.

I am not who I was. I have changed. I have matured. Grown deeper. Learned from my mistakes…my vast mistakes. Mistakes of gossip, confrontation, anger, selfishness, rash decisions.

As I continue to put on Christ, I am being renewed…transformed into His image.

He never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, tomorrow. He is my constant.streams2

He is like the ever flowing stream that pours over the jagged rocks of my soul. Constantly caressing. Constantly smoothing.

The rocks in the stream are beautiful, but only because of the power of the Constant Stream itself. The beauty the rocks possess is a testimony to the Fount of Living Water. My soul is desperate for this washing and cleansing.

His unchanging love, unfailing faithfulness has changed me.


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7 comments on “Five Mintue Friday: Change

  1. rockinmom

    “His unchanging love, unfailing faithfulness has changed me.” Oh yes. And Praise Him for that. 🙂 Great Jen!

  2. Simply Beth

    I am thankful for how He is always transforming (changing) me to be more and more like Christ but that He never changes. You’ve expressed this beautifully, Jen. Blessings to you. xoxo

  3. Barbie

    I am so thankful for the transforming power of Christ in my life. Have a blessed weekend Jen!

  4. Juliet

    He is indeed complete and unchanging but isn’t it wonderful that as life changes us our understanding of Him grows and changes and so our understanding and love for others grows and changes too. He calls us into ever deeper connection with Himself and all His people stretching our compassion and willingness to learn. And that is good.

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