One of the things I missed most during my 18 month hiatus from blogging is the practice of Five Minute Fridays…and the community there!

I have met some of my best online friends there.

Kate provides the clan with a one word prompt, and we all set our timers to write for five minutes flat.  It is a challenging assignment, especially for those who are grammatically cranky or the poor spellers like me.

I am very out of practice so please bare with me.  This won’t be a Pulitzer Prize Piece, but I need to practice my craft…

The word this week is PURPOSE


We have lived at this address for eleven years next month.  Moving to 1400 square feet from 700 felt like we were moving into a mansion.  It was just the two of us in this huge three bedroom two bathroom house.

Then our family grew, and our house shrunk.

The walls started to close in on us.  Toys everywhere! EVERYWHERE!

But as the kids have gotten older the house serves a different purpose.  It is no longer a place we sleep…it is where we LIVE.  Each room has went through different transformations over the years in order to serve us for that season.  Last year we remodeled our kitchen and last week we remodeled our guest bathroom.  To see how things have changed over time is so amazing.  We now realize that we don’t have a house…We have a home.

A home is not a status symbol but a tool.  A nest of warmth and comfort.  A shelter from the storms of this world.  An address with purpose.


Wow!  I need more time to express how much this house means to me.  Most of our memories are in these walls…the good…the bad…and the ugly.  I have a few pictures to share of how much our house has changed over time.  Enjoy!



If you want to join us, head on over to Kate’s page!


9 comments on “Five Minute Friday: Purpose

  1. Wanda

    Love your before and after pictures! Lots of memories! You all have definitely built a home! Love your house and family! Mom

  2. Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    What a wonderful post, and such lovely pictures. Such warmth!

    I so get this. We have no kids, but we have a LOT of rescued dogs, and the internal architecture of the house revolves around their convenience. Their sleeping crates and play/feeding areas take pride of place, and we eat with plates balanced on our laps.

    But there’s nothing like hearing their contented snoring in the middle of the night; safe and home at last.

    31 at FMF this week.

  3. notafraidtosayiloveyou

    I enjoyed your words and pictures. I see purpose everywhere, in every room and for every family member. Wow–you are awesome, Jen! My five-minute Friday regarding “Purpose” will be just the opposite of yours, since I’m trying to move from 1924 square feet to 728!

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Oh that would be fun too! You have to decide what is really important to you! Thanks for stopping by.

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