I have been so encouraged by the brave leadership of Lisa-Jo Baker.  For the past four years she has hosted Five Minute Fridays.  She has passed the baton to the amazing Kate Motaung.  So excited for this next chapter of Five Minute Fridays!

For those of you who don’t know, Five Minute Friday is when hundreds of bloggers come together to write on a one-word-prompt for five minutes with no extensive editing.  You can join us here. 


The one-word-prompt this week is: Fill

In a world of hurting people, we are all looking to get our fill.

Empty hearts.

Hungry. Thirsty.

Our greatest desire is too be full.photo (20)

We all have forsaken Him.  We all have turned to our own devises.  We all believe that we can do it on our own.

For some we work harder…Others turn to ungodly entertainment… Food… Alcohol…Unhealthy relationships…Gossip…

These things never fill.  These things always leave us empty.


These broken cisterns cannot hold water!

How can anything that is temporal fill an eternal vessel?

Only the an Eternal God can fill a soul that is eternal.

The things of this world are finite. He is infinite.

When we are full of Him, then we can reach out and heal others out of the overflow.



16 comments on “Five Minute Friday: Fill

  1. Barbie

    YES! Fill me, Jesus, with more of you! Have a beautiful weekend Jen!

  2. Ashley Larkin

    Yes, Jen. This is so true. Isn’t that verse such an apt and tragic summary of our never-ending, never-satisfied searching and striving to be filled? Only Jesus can miraculously fill these broken vessels of ours to overflowing. Thank you for your words this morning. Happy to have met you through FMF.

  3. Connie

    Jen, this was my first week on fmf. I am truly enjoying the connection. Love your thoughts and your beautiful site. Blessings!

  4. Sara

    Jen, thanks for pointing us to this verse! So many times I try to satisfy from my own broken cistern rather than seeking the “Spring of Living Water”. Thanks so much for this challenge! Blessings to you!

  5. Andrea

    I love this, that we can help others out the overflow from His filling us. Beautiful.

  6. Meredith Bernard

    “Only an Eternal God can fill a soul that is eternal.” AMEN to that, Jen! I’m guilty of trying to fill my soul with the temporal and it never fills…this is such a great truth. xoxo, mb

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