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The One Word Prompt: Write

When I write I am free to let my thoughts flow into a focused stream.  My thoughts swirl in my mind.  They won’t let me rest until I let them flow throw my pen into my journal or from my fingers on to my blank computer screen.

This is my world…where words have purpose.

This is where I have learned to pray.  This is where I have found healing.

I remember the first time I wrote a poem in third grade and the sheer joy I experienced when just the right words appeared on my paper.

I remember ninth grade English class staying late after school with Mrs. Renard to receive help with my first novel review.  I knew I wanted to be a great writer, but I was afraid.

Because I of my fear of failure, I did not push myself.  I knew my weaknesses in spelling and in reading.  I did not take the hard classes when I had an opportunity….but…

…through the encouragement of my husband I practice and I share.

I practice this craft…I have been stretched.

I share my heart… I have been made vulnerable.

In my attic are journals full of my ideas, prayers, hurts, and joys since fourth grade.   There is a  poem for every struggle I endured in my twenties.  In my thirties, I have blogged.

I am thankful for this gift, and hope to honor the Father through being brave in sharing.


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3 comments on “Five Minute Friday: Write

  1. Sarah E. A. Fusaro

    Love it! 🙂 You left a comment on my blog earlier and said we were word sisters. So I had to check yours out. 🙂 Ah! Vulnerability. Blogs are awesome launchpads, though, right? 🙂

  2. Wanda Wiles

    You are a wonderful writer. So proud of you for using your talent. Love, Mom

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