I “met” Katie Reid of Deep Breaths though the community of writers who participate in Five Minute Fridays with Lisa-Jo Baker.  It has been a blessing to “get to know” this fellow blogger through Twitter and Facebook.  She truly has a passion for the Word of God and to help women ground themselves in His Truth.

When she approached me about being a part of the Psalms Series that she was planning, I was reluctant at first due to my own insecurities.  I am so glad I agreed to join in this collaborative effort! Over the past few weeks, about 30 bloggers have participated in this deeper look into the Psalms.  I can truly say that I have grown from this series both as reader and a contributor.

The psalm that I was assigned was Psalms 129.  I would be honored if you joined me over here on Deep Breaths see what I learned from studying this section of scripture.


You can follow Katie via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.




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  1. Wanda Wiles

    That was a wonderful lesson! Thank you, Jennifer.

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