Good morning, Friend.  I hope your weekend was great!

As you were looking through my pics the last time we met,  you may have noticed my autumn centerpiece.   It was very simple to create.   The basket is one that I bought several years ago from Southern Living.  It has been a very versatile piece.   I added some small pumpkins and gourds that I bought when I took my kids to the pumpkin patch a couple weeks back.  I had already bought some yummy fall scented candles.  The shorter one is a pumpkin pie candle.  The taller one, my favorite, is salted caramel from Better Homes and Gardens.  The jar in the center of the basket is a glass jar of acorns which was a gift from one of my pre-school students.

After a long day, I light the candles and savor the rich fall scents.  I have truly enjoyed having this warm addition to my home this season.







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