One of our Christmas traditions is our children receive three gifts from us (because Jesus got three gifts) and one from Santa.   Two of the three gifts are usually something practical like something they can wear or something educational.  This has been a helpful tradition to hold both the kids and me accountable.  Since they know that they only have four gifts coming it cuts down on their expectations and they are more judicious about what they ask for.  It also keeps me from breaking our budget!

If you are in the Santa Camp… I am sharing a free printable with you today that you can use to have your kids to consider what they would ask for.  Enjoy!  Click Here to Download: Letter to Santa Free Printable coffeewithjensantaletter2

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One comment on “Letter to Santa: Free Printable

  1. Mel Lockcuff (@MamaBuzz)

    This is so cute, Jen, and I love the 3 gifts idea! And I love how you say “to keep me accountable.” It’s hard to stick to the plan sometimes and stay on budget, especially when you walk into Target and think, “I love all the things.” LOL Shopping for kids is so fun and can become a bit addictive.

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