This is my first Five Minute Friday.  I have been following Lisa-Jo Baker for awhile and have been very intrigued by this challenge, but I have been too intimidated to join in.  I am going to give it a try.  Be gracious with me as I try.  Timer set. Go…

980312_10151709174546742_1492961878_oThe word of the day is “see”.

I see you.  The way you serve our family.  Each day you get up and go to work.  You are the sole provider for our family, and yet you don’t let that go to your head.  That is because you acknowledge that everything we have comes from the “One Who Sees”.

You gently lead us, your family, through visible example of a Christ-like servant.  You show me what it is to lay down your life for us.  You do what it takes to take care of us by never losing your temper and always showing patience to us.  You love me even when I am plain unlovable.   You allow me to  be me, and love me through it.

I see that you are making a difference in my heart.  In nine years of consistent patience and unconditional love, you are changing my heart.  Thank you for being my companion and leader.  Thank you for making it easy to be submissive to your leading.

I love you.


Ugh.  That was hard.  I wanted to go on.

Are you a blogger too?  Join me for Five Minute Fridays.  If you do, please let me know so I can read it

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6 comments on “Five Minute Friday: See

  1. Sheri Dacon

    Jennifer, congrats on your first FMF!! You did it! I love it. What a beautiful tribute! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      Thanks. I was hard, but really good practice. I came from the overflow of being sick this week and my husband graciously serving us. He is a wonderful man. 🙂

    1. Jennifer Mullen Post author

      I believe one way we can honor our husbands is by publicly praising them with words of affirmation.

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