It was the WORST DAY EVER! I had a flat, and I had to use my vacation day to get it fixed at the dealership. Yeah, I felt you cringe with me, sister! I know you know my pain!

The day before I was already running late. I finally got both kids loaded up and started backing out of the driveway when I feel a thump…thump…thump. When I got out to confirm my suspicions, my attitude was as deflated as my tire. So I quickly got the kids switched over to my husband’s car and made a plan. I knew we had the day off the next day so we decided to take care of it then. I was annoyed!

(Never mind the fact that we have two cars…that our insurance has a tire change service that comes out to our house…that we both have understanding bosses who overlook tardiness for these issues…that we have the twenty bucks to pay for the tire repair…)

So the next day my husband took the car in and dropped it off, and I picked him up in our second car. We spent our vacation day on a beautiful fall morning at Crystal Bridges.

When we were done he dropped me off at the dealership. As I was waiting I stopped at the complementary cookie and coffee bar.  Then it happened…

As I was pouring myself a cup of coffee, there was a older gentleman restocking the water bottles and sodas in the mini-fridge while humming quietly to himself.  I smiled at him and said, “Hello.  Having a good day?”  He kept working diligently, never looking away, and said emphatically, “BEST DAY EVER!”  I was stopped dead in my tracks.  “Oh.  That is a great way to look at it.  It’s all we got, huh?”  He responded, “Yes, ma’am.  That is my philosophy.”  Then he went on about his work.

Still reeling from this much needed slap in the face, I went to check out.  This mysterious optimist walked behind me.  The technician who was helping me turned and hollered at him saying, “Hey, Best Day!”  And the man raised his hand in acknowledgment as he hurried by.  The technician turned to me and said, “That guy just started working here.  He is awesome.  He has changed this place.  He says, ‘Yesterday is gone.  You are never promised tomorrow.  This is the one day you got.  Make it the best day ever.'”

As I climbed into my car, I reflected on what just happened.  What a legacy that man was leaving!  What legacy had I been leaving with my sour attitude?  I was creating a wake of discontentment and affecting everyone in my path.  This man changed my whole outlook with his choice to be happy.  He was changing the environment at his work place.  The employees felt it.  The patrons felt it. What a beautiful way to live The Small Life.

Everyday we have a choice.  Some days are easier to be happy than others. But it is on those hard days that your joy can be the most infectious.

design (2) What an honor it was to have coffee with this stranger that day!  May I attempt to apply his valuable lesson.

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17 comments on “The Chance Encounter that Changed My Attitude

  1. Wanda Wiles

    Have a best ever day! I think I will now!

  2. LifeAsAConvert

    Everyday I leave my house I pray to be an inspiration like this to others.. To help them see the Lord in their life and to feel encouraged, but your post reminded me that I should pray for that at home too and for the visitors who come to my house. Thanks for this.

  3. blessingcounterdeb

    Hi Jen, You’re my neighbor at Holly’s today. I’m so glad. I love this! Best day ever . . . what a wonderful way to look at life. I’m going to hold this one close today, and I pray in the days and weeks ahead! Blessings!!

  4. cindyfincherfaith

    Isn’t God so good to bring a reminder in the form a small comment. And kudos to you for having a spirit to receive what he would say. Blessings!
    Cindy 🙂

  5. Cathy Z. Peek

    Such an awesome perspective! My son left for school one morning and never came back home….he was killed in an accident that afternoon. Dying at 17… my husband an I decieded that if his life was over so young and we were still living that every breath we breathe had to count. We should try to make everyday better than the last and leave the biggest impact for Christ as possible. I totally get this man! I would love to know his story. Thank you for sharing. I am stopping by from Testimony Tuesday. Blesings! Cathy

  6. Sheila Campbell

    I loved this! Today has already got off to a rough start with computer glitches and unavoidable delays. What a great reminder to change my attitude and make what is left ‘the best day ever’! Hope yours is blessed too!

  7. inspiredbyjune

    I love people like “best day”! I want to be like them when I grow up. Seriously. So glad this man touched your life, Jen, and that you in turn touched mine 🙂 Have a blessed week!

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