One of the unexpected joys of blogging has been the online friendships I have developed!  It is so neat to be a part of an online community of writers who all strive to glorify the Father through their writing.  One of my peers, Katie Reid, was the first to make me feel like I belonged. We meet through Five Minute Friday.  She sought me out through Twitter to be apart of her Psalms Series last spring and then again on her Open Hearts Series.  She helped me find my confidence as a blogger. 10712730_776406049084625_7131244629720946313_n Recently Katie was passing through town on a long family road trip.  I was nervous to meet her in person, because you never really do know who is on the other side of the screen.  Guess what?  Katie was just as genuine as she comes across through her words!  Though technically we didn’t have coffee, I count this as one of my favorite lattes in the #52lattes series.  As our children played at a park, Katie and I and our husbands chatted for over an hour.  After they left, my husband and I said to each other that we wished they lived closer!

As apart of her visit, I took her to Saving Grace for a tour.  Katie shares about that experience over on her blog today.  Do yourself a favor and head over there to check out her post, and then stick around to check out the rest of her blog!  She recently branded herself as The Tightly Wound Woman, a recovering perfectionist.  If you can relate at all with that title, she has a word for you!

Blessings, Jen

Cup 4 of #52lattes series.  (At this rate, I will be finished in 4 years! LOL…Thanks for being patient with me!)

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  1. Katie

    Thank you Jennifer for this gracious and kind post. It was a joy to meet in real life!:)

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