Women Living in Faith: My Next Big Adventure

I have exciting news I am just dying to share with you, Friend!

I am starting a new adventure in the online world!  It is podcasting and blog networking.  I started my blog journey with Mosaic of Moms almost three years ago.  It has come clear that my ministry calling is not just to moms but to all women. 

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Exhale: It’s Christmas

Oh Friend,

I need to exhale…decompress…slow down.  I don’t know what it is about this holiday season, but I have felt out of control.  Is it because I am juggling work for the first time in years?  Is it because I am not used to the school routine of a kindergartener?  Is it because we had a shortened timeframe between Thanksgiving and Christmas which was compounded by the snowstorm?   For heaven sake, we have yet to bake and Christmas is days away!!!

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