I have exciting news I am just dying to share with you, Friend!

I am starting a new adventure in the online world!  It is podcasting and blog networking.  I started my blog journey with Mosaic of Moms almost three years ago.  It has come clear that my ministry calling is not just to moms but to all women. 

Gretchen of Magnificent Mayhem and my co-admin for Mosaic of Moms and I have decide to team up to create an online network with Christian bloggers.  Not only will we be networking our blogs together, but we will be recording podcasts that you can listen to while you are on the go.

We have great topics lined up such as friendships in adulthood, obedience in your walk, and the Word of the LORD for your life.  We will be interviewing women who have been inspirational to us.

So where can you access this lovely network and podcast?  I thought you would never ask. 🙂

You can find us over on Women Living in Faith.  Please like and subscribe to us on Facebook and Twitter too.  Facebookcoverwlif

Isn’t this exciting?

What’s that?  What about Mosaic of Moms?  Well, just as I received a calling to do it, I also was released from it.  It was hard for me to put it down, but sometimes you have to weed out the good to make way for something better.  You can read more about that here.

Thanks, Sweet Friend, for your support with this new adventure.  It is going to be fun.  And please be gracious as we work all the kinks out.  We are amateurs especially when it comes podcasting.logo-sticker-transparent

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