As I have said before, I was not very good about menu planning until I sat down with my sweet friend, Gretchen.  You can see her series on meal planning here.

Here is what we have cooking at our house this week… menunov3

Sunday: Hot ham and cheese subs

Monday: Pot roast and veggies

Tuesday: Italian beef subs (leftover roast from Monday and leftover bread from Sunday.)

Wednesday: Taco night

Thursday: Breakfast- pancakes, sausage, eggs

Friday: Ham and cheese/pepperoni and cheese stromboli (left over ham and cheese from Sunday.)

One of my tips is to repurpose your leftovers. I wrote these pieces about leftovers on Mosaic of Moms:

Leftovers Don’t Have To Be Boring: Part 1(Beef Dishes)

Leftovers Don’t Have to Be Boring: Part 2 (Chicken)

So what’s on your menu this week?


2 comments on “Mullen Dinner Menu November 3rd-8th, 2013

  1. Wanda

    Sounds good. I wonder if your dad could do that this week.

  2. headygolf

    I cooked up a big bag of chicken breasts last week (crock pot for 6-8 hours, shred and freeze in smaller packages) so I’ll be using a couple of those packages for chicken and noodles and chicken friend rice. Stir fry, meatloaf and a order out pizza will finish us up!

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