When I chose the word “blessed” as my One Word focus, it was because it is a word I use often, and I had a sinking suspicion that I misunderstand it.  For example, when we have had a great weekend, “We had a great time hanging out with good friends.  We are so blessed!”  Or after assessing the Christmas carnage of boxes, wrapping, and bows, “What a great Christmas!  We are so blessed!”

It is such a common misperception in the Christian faith that blessings are material possessions and that pursuing a Christian walk will automatically result in is an easy life paved with good things.

Since choosing my word I keep hearing the profound wisdom of Inigo Montoya ringing in my ears: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

So this year I am on a quest to better understand what it means to be blessed, how does one become blessed, and for what purpose are we as Christians blessed.

I first started with the dictionary. 🙂


I have fallen into the trap of focusing on definitions 3 and 4 listed above, but fail to realize the divine purpose (definition 1).  To say we have been blessed is to say we have been consecrated, made holy, set apart, shown great, unmerited favor from God.  You see it becomes God-centered instead of self-centered? God blesses His children not only because He loves them, but for His glory to be known by all peoples. (Psalms 67:7)

Let’s just meditate on that one today.  What have you been blessed with and for what purpose?  blesseddef2




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