Happy Valentine’s Day, Friend.

Valentine’s Day is so much fun through the eyes of a child.  My sweet kindergartener wrote “I love you” on every single card for her classmates.  It is so sweet to see such an innocent love expressed so freely. While teaching my preschool class this week, it was an honor to get to share with them the true origin of love.  We talked about how we can only love because Christ first loved us.  They so easily accepted this truth.

Why is it that the children can understand such complexities of love, but adults struggle?  Once romantic love enters the picture, Valentine’s Day can become a source of anxiety and depression.  That is because we put unrealistic expectations on the people in our lives (or not in our lives) to be something that they cannot be.

I wanted to share with you a Valentine from the source.  Forget romantic love.  There is nothing as beautiful as this:happyvalentinesdayThank God for such an example of sacrificial love that helps give reference and meaning to all other relationships that I experience.  I pray that I can love like this…that each day I am willing to lay down my life…my desires…as a sacrifice so that I can love my husband, my children, my friends, my church, and a hurting world.

His love is changing my heart so that I can once again love as freely and innocently as a child.

Today, don’t seek worldly love.  Seek the source.

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