Friend,  the things that you listen to are so important.  The music.  The tv.  The conversations. The self-talk. They either lift you up and lead you closer to Christ, or they drag you down and further away.

Podcasts have become such a wonderful way for me to fill my mind with God’s truths.  Now that I have a smart phone, I load up my favorite sermons and turn them on in the morning while I am getting ready for the day.

The past few week I have been listening to a sermon series by the Austin Stone Church on the Seven Saying of Christ on the Cross.  They have only published three so far.

I have never really focused on Christ’s dying words, but God is using these sermons to open my mind and my heart to the heart of our savior.  Let me tell you, I am falling deeper in love with Jesus the more I listen.

I strongly encourage you to listen to this series.

Father, Forgive Them

Today You Will Be With Me in Paradise

My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Also,  we would be honored if you check out our podcast on Women Living in Faith.

If you love to listen to podcasts, please share with me your favorites.  I would love to find some new ones.

Blessings!    what I am listening to




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