After taking a long break from blogging, I decided to reserve this site for mainly ministry and devotional style pieces, but I know my readers have really enjoyed my family day trip posts in the past. I still get messages requesting ideas for family activities and recommendations for various businesses.

Last week an awesome website was launched in Northwest Arkansas to be a tool for families here in NWA.  To be honest when I came across it on social media, my first thought was, “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT!”  I am so excited to have a resource to refer my readers to so that you all can get some current recommendations for these type of requests I receive,

Please allow me to introduce you to FamilyLifeNWA!

If you are in NWA, I strongly encourage you to check out this amazing site!  You will find all kinds of resources for families of all stages of life addressing a wide range of topics.  You may even see me post over there from time to time.

Bonus: Today I am guest blogging over there today about my favorite hiking trails in NWA.  

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