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Popcorn on My Breath

Last week I told you about my new favorite book Surprised By Motherhood: Everything I never expected about being a mom by Lisa-Jo Baker.

In the book she talks about losing her mother at the age of 18.  She reflects on different parts of her childhood as she tries to “piece together scraps” and parent her own children through memories.

One memory was of her mom showing up late to pick her up from school.  She said that she could “smell the popcorn on her breath” and that she knew that her mother had been to the movies.  Lisa went on to say:

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Women Living in Faith: My Next Big Adventure

I have exciting news I am just dying to share with you, Friend!

I am starting a new adventure in the online world!  It is podcasting and blog networking.  I started my blog journey with Mosaic of Moms almost three years ago.  It has come clear that my ministry calling is not just to moms but to all women. 

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Exhale: It’s Christmas

Oh Friend,

I need to exhale…decompress…slow down.  I don’t know what it is about this holiday season, but I have felt out of control.  Is it because I am juggling work for the first time in years?  Is it because I am not used to the school routine of a kindergartener?  Is it because we had a shortened timeframe between Thanksgiving and Christmas which was compounded by the snowstorm?   For heaven sake, we have yet to bake and Christmas is days away!!!

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Letter to Santa: Free Printable

One of our Christmas traditions is our children receive three gifts from us (because Jesus got three gifts) and one from Santa.   Two of the three gifts are usually something practical like something they can wear or something educational.  This has been a helpful tradition to hold both the kids and me accountable.  Since they know that they only have four gifts coming it cuts down on their expectations and they are more judicious about what they ask for.  It also keeps me from breaking our budget!

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The Great Santa Debate (And Don’t Even Get Me Started on the Elf on the Shelf)

Well Friend, it is that time of year again. You know… when people stir-up the great debate about whether Santa should be apart of the Christian Christmas tradition.  Well as you can imagine, with the past week of being snowed in I have spent a lot of time online, and I have seen quite a few blog posts about various stances on Santa. So it is my turn to interject my opinion.

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Titus 2 Woman: Michelle Duggar

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last few years, you know who the Duggars are.  Everyone has an opinion about them and their family choices.  Some positive. Some negative.  Until I met Michelle in person, I had my doubts about her sincerity.  Now I have nothing but respect for her and her family. 

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