Words of Encouragement

Sowing Seeds of Encouragement at the Ice Cream Shop

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.

When I walked into Braum’s, I saw her sitting in the corner.  She had that familiar look on her face.  You probably know the one I’m talking about.  Desperation had lead her to indulge her kids with a sweet treat of ice cream just so she could sit in crowded solitude for the five minutes it took them to eat it.

I have been there too!

The momma heart in me wanted to run over, hand her a $100 bill that I didn’t have, and tell her I would watch her kids while she went out and got a massage.

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Popcorn on My Breath

Last week I told you about my new favorite book Surprised By Motherhood: Everything I never expected about being a mom by Lisa-Jo Baker.

In the book she talks about losing her mother at the age of 18.  She reflects on different parts of her childhood as she tries to “piece together scraps” and parent her own children through memories.

One memory was of her mom showing up late to pick her up from school.  She said that she could “smell the popcorn on her breath” and that she knew that her mother had been to the movies.  Lisa went on to say:

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Parenting and Discipleship

Sweet Friend,

I need a cup of coffee today with you!

I just need a moment to exhale…

Parenting is hard!

I never would have imagined the amount of physical and emotional energy it takes to raise a child.  The one thing that was really surprising to me was the spiritual aspect of it all.  The burden I have to lead my child to the LORD is overwhelming.

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Saving Grace: Butterflies and Blooms

Saving Grace is a local non-profit that is near and dear to my heart.  It has been amazing to watch this ministry unfold. Becky Shaffer, the founder and CEO, grew up in the foster system and children’s homes.  The LORD has had a calling on her life.  He was able to take a broken past, completely redeem it for his glory, and has provided a future for many.

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Surprised By Motherhood Book Review: April Giveaway

I did all the things to prepare for my firstborn, except finish THE BOOK.  You know the book…What to Expect…well yeah…  When my water broke an entire month early, my very first thought was “But I haven’t finished the book!  The chapters on labor and delivery would be helpful right about now.”  Three hours later I was holding my miracle.

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Judgement vs. Grace at the Coffee Shop

Every weekend my husband watches the kids, and I escape for a few hours to the Starbucks on the corner. This is the only kid-free time I get during the entire week. Each week I see some of the same people. Two older couples from my church make sure they always stop by to visit with me, and the baristas know my regular. I go to grab a latte, meal plan for the week, listen to podcasts, and read. Then I head to Wal-Mart to grocery shop BY MYSELF!

When I arrived yesterday for my reprieve from my children, the only seat open was the table right next to the bathroom. After being there for about an hour, a woman walked into the store with an upset two-year-old. She desperately headed to the bathroom. The child was SCREAMING!

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Hope in a Broken World

My husband found me in the closet on the floor—crying.  It is not uncommon…really…if I am honest.  I can be dramatic.  This night I was spent.  One too many things had went wrong with the day.

He walked in.  And then he walked out.  Then he walked in and sat beside me in silence.(So thankful he loves me.)

Finally I said, “Everything is broken.”

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